Our Pilates

Our Pilates is a physiotherapist-led online subscription program. Our classes are available 24/7 on demand and able to be streamed from your favourite devices. We have hundreds of classes for a variety of different fitness levels so whether you are brand new to Pilates and here to learn the basics, or you have more experience and are here to sweat, you will feel motivated and challenged by our selection of classes.

Our Pilates is designed to enrich your life, make you feel good, and, of course, have fun at the same time. Founders, Brooke and Han, want everyone to enjoy the benefits that come from regular practice. We are so excited for you to feel and experience the benefits of Our Pilates.

Not sure where to start? We take the guesswork out with our weekly class planner and 7-day 'start here' programs. You will improve your overall strength and mobility while boosting your energy. No equipment needed.


Meet Hannah

Han developed a passion for helping her clients through movement very early in her career. Working as a physiotherapist for over 14 years, Han has seen first-hand the physical and mental benefits of regular Pilates. After attending her first Pilates class she was completely hooked and went on to complete her full Pilates accreditation through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

Having a Master's degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Han combines her knowledge of the human body with her love for Pilates to formulate each class. Exercise has always been a big part of Han’s life, in particular,  running, yoga and Pilates. Now more than ever, Han understands the importance of being able to exercise at home. Her daughter, Haper, was born in September 2022 and being able to complete Pilates at home, during naps or between feeds has been so helpful for recovery, regaining strength and taking a little time out to reset mentally. 

Every class has a purpose, designed to get your body moving, wake up your muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and energised. You will flow through each routine seamlessly, not noticing where one exercise ends, and the next begins. No matter how you feel, you will be sure to find the perfect flow in our extensive collection of classes.- Listen to Han's cue to get the most out of each move; even the smallest of tweaks can make a big difference.

Personal note from Han: 

When I first tried Pilates, I couldn’t believe how much I loved it. Having pushed myself to go to the gym for so many years, I never imagined that exercise could be this enjoyable AND effective. Creating and launching Our Pilates is a dream come true for me. To be able to provide our community with a library of classes that will leave you feeling strong, grounded and connected to your body brings me more joy than I can describe.  My goal is for you to enjoy moving your body through Pilates as much as I do.

I am so excited to connect with you, if you ever have any questions or comments for me, our DM’s are always open. 

Who. What. Where. When. Why.

Brooke and Han met during Brooke's journey. After building up her pace too quickly and encountering some minor injuries, Brooke visited Han to receive Physiotherapy. It didn’t take long for Brooke to see the benefits of Hannahs work. After weekly appointments for quite some time, they got to know each other well and realised they had a lot in common. They both live on the Mornington Peninsula, have a lot of mutual friends, and both of them have a love and appreciation for running, and of course, Pilates. Han supplied Brooke with an at-home Pilates regime to support her running journey. From here, they formed a friendship and fast forward a few months of Han teaching online Youtube classes and Brooke sharing these classes with her community; the idea of 'Our Pilates' was formed. Hannah and Brooke couldn’t help but notice the positive impact Hannah's classes were having on people's lives and they wanted people all around the world to experience these same benefits. It was clear that thousands of people were loving Han's kind and calming energy, her extensive knowledge, and the way she so effortlessly guides you through her classes with her unique and informative teaching style.