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Our Pilates has a class to suit anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a runner, an intermediate, pre or post-natal or simply a beginner, our classes are designed to be supportive, challenging and always addressing your needs.


Learn the principles of Pilates and the fundamentals of the repertoire that form the base of every class.

Focus on alignment, posture, cueing and form.

Perfect for anyone new to Pilates or those who want to revisit the basics to fine-tune their practice.

A low-intensity collection of classes to ground yourself and gently move your body. 

Focus on mobility, breathing and centring.

Perfect for a slow morning or winding down at the end of a busy day.

A classic Pilates class with the perfect combination of stretch and burn. 

Focus on technique, control and flow.

Perfect for energising and waking up the body whilst also working on technique and targeting the areas you need.

A higher intensity take on a classic Pilates class using faster-paced movement to get your heart rate going.

Focus on strength and intensity.

Perfect for sweating it out and getting those endorphins flowing.

Short and sharp, bite-sized classes for a quick Pilates fix.

Focus on a specific area or goal.

Perfect for those short on time (who isn't!) or who want to add a little extra movement to the end of another class.

A series of classes designed to help keep you strong and active through pregnancy.

Focus on spinal mobility, pelvic stability and upper body strength.

Perfect for pregnant women of all stages who have been cleared by their doctor or physio to exercise.

*It is essential to seek clearance from your GP before exercising during pregnancy.


A series of classes to support new mums as they move and nurture their bodies after pregnancy.

Focus on the pelvic floor, deep core activation, upper back mobility and postural control.

Perfect for any new mums who have been cleared by their doctor to start exercising again.

*It is essential to seek clearance from your GP before returning to exercise after pregnancy.

An 8-week program targeting all the right places to support anyone at any stage of their running journey.

Focus on injury prevention, performance, lower body strength, trunk control, ankle stability and hip mobility.

Perfect for those who want to take their running to another level. 


"Amazing! Just what I needed to get in a little burn and some exercise into my day. Love the videos."

<p><span style="color: #587469ff;" ><span class="text-sm">Charli L</span></span></p>, <br/>

Charli L

"Loved this class so much, thank you Han! Everything I wanted bundled into a neat 30 minutes."

<p><span style="color: #587469ff;" ><span class="text-sm">Jane G</span></span></p>, <br/>

Jane G

"Loved this! Thank you, training for a marathon so this is really helpful."

<p><span style="color: #587469ff;" ><span class="text-sm">Anya A</span></span></p>, <br/>

Anya A